December 16, 2007

Florida Featherheads and Reno Tenpinners

April 8th, 2007

Reno receives:
C Ben Lloyd (25, ML) - $3.2
CL Jerry Henderson (24, ML) -$0.38/$1.0/$1.2/$1.4

Florida receives:
2B David Goode (23, ML) - $0.38/arbitration/arbitration

Since Then:
Goode has been an average starting infielder for Florida.

Lloyd served as a backup for Reno in 2007 while hitting only .190. He currently is retired after playing in the Alianza Béisbol Al Sur de la Frontera League and Liga Dominicana de Béisbol Invernal League. He capped off his career by winning the 2008 Liga Dominicana de Béisbol Invernal Serie de Dominicana Final with the Baní Depredadores del Peravia.

Henderson has pitched well in a closer role for Reno.

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