November 29, 2008

Charleston Statesmen and Tempe Knights

May 24th, 2009

Charleston receives:
CL Christos Douglass (33, ML) - $4.5
LF Víctor Martínez (19, ML) - $2.7/$0.60/$0.60/$0.60/arbitration
2B Jorge Rivera (22, ML) - $0.57/$0.39

Tempe receives:
MR Steve Wallace (28, ML) - $2.0/$2.8
3B Jeremy Lawrence (31, ML) - $2.5/$3.0
CF Mark Young (32, ML) - $1.0/$1.0/$1.0/$1.0/$1.0
MR Grant Mullen (30, AAA) - $2.2/$2.8
CF David LaFrance (21, AAA) - minor league contract
SS Silas Boone (23, AAA) - minor league contract
Charleston's 2nd round 2009 draft pick (3B Ty Newell- 14th pick)

Since Then:
Douglass had a superb '09 season while serving as Charleston's setup man. He went 4-2 with a 2.19 ERA in 43 relief appearances with Charleston. Sporting a 0.87 WHIP in '09, Douglass is one of the league's premiere setup men.
Martínez played decently in '09. Serving primarily as a DH, he batted .244 with 9 homeruns and 47 RBIs with Charleston in '09. A youngster, Martínez still has room to grow into a productive run producer. He has good power but needs to work on his contact and discipline.
Rivera batted .242 with 10 homers and 46 RBIs in 104 games with Charleston. A superb utility infielder, Rivera is an ideal bench role player that any team would want.

Wallace went 0-2 with a 3.69 ERA in 17 relief appearances with Tempe in '09. He was released prior to the end of the seaosn (9/01/09). Despite lacking big league caliber stuff and velocity, Wallace has proven in the past to be a serviceable reliever.
Lawrence had a solid season with Tempe in '09. In 79 games, he batted .287 with 4 homeruns and 37 RBIs. A versatile infielder, Lawrence is a solid option as a starter and an even option as a utility bench role player.
Young batted .252 with 23 RBIs in 103 games with Tempe in '09. His ability to play all 3 outfield positions make him an ideal 4th outfielder. He does not possess the offensive punch to be a full-time starter.
Mullen appeared in 21 games with Tempe before being released (9/01/09). Prior to his release, he went 2-3 with a 7.03 ERA. He lacks the velocity and stuff to become a truly effective reliever. At best, Mullen is a secondary reliever.
LaFrance batted .227 with 6 homeruns and 35 RBIs in 108 games with Tempe in '09. He was named the #55 prospect in baseball (4/06/09). His strengths include speed and raw power. He will need to work on his contact and discipline in order to progress into a starting caliber outfielder.
Boone was traded to San Antonio on the same day (5/24/09). He has the talent to become a big league utility bench player at the very least. He combines solid defensive skills with good speed and a serviceable bat. These traits make him capable of becoming a starting infielder one day.
Newell had a subpar '09 season down at Tempe's SS-A and Class-A affiliates. Drafted out of high school, Newell possesses good upside. He projects to have plus skills in hitting and gap power. Conservatively, he projects to be a utlity infielder but has the skills to be a big league starting infielder one day if he matures.

November 27, 2008

Canton Longshoremen and Aurora Borealis

November 25, 2008

Aurora receives:
CF John Knight (24, ML) - $0.4/arbitration/arbitration/arbitration

Canton receives:
MR Todd Sizer
(23, ML) - $1.2/arbitration/arbitration/arbitration

Since Then: (as of 6/7/2012)
Knight surprised the league and broke out in 2009. Wearing Aurora blue, the All-star has hit .295/.375/.488 while driving in 259 runs and stealing 122 bases.

Sizer pitched well for Canton before being traded to Omaha on 6/8/2011. He has struggled ever since, owning a 68 ERA+ in Cyclone pinstripes.

November 24, 2008

Aurora Borealis and Yuma Bulldozers

May 17th, 2009

Aurora receives:
Yuma's 1st round 2009 draft pick (SP Bill Bradley - 1st pick)

Yuma receives:
1B Jesús Reynoso (19, SS-A) - minor league contract
Aurora's 2nd round 2009 draft pick (SP Jonathan Allen - 23rd pick)

Since Then:

West Virginia Coal Sox and Charleston Statesmen

May 17th, 2009

West Virginia receives:
MR Jake Tate (24, AAA) - minor league contract

Charleston receives:
MR Ken Cates (25, ML) - $0.39/arbitration/arbitration/arbitration

Since Then:
Tate pitched the majority of the '09 season with West Virginia. At West Virginia, he compiled a 1-0 record and 4.25 ERA in 30 relief appearances. Overall, Tate is a decent middle relief option.

Cates pitced solidly for Charleston in '09. He went 3-2 with a 3.21 ERA and 3 saves. He possesses above average stuff and great movement on his pitches. Those assets make him a viable setup reliever or depender frontline middle reliever.

November 23, 2008

Manchester Maulers and Charleston Statesmen

May 17th, 2009

Manchester receives:
1B Domingo De Jesús (30, ML) - $7.7

Charleston receives:
1B Álex Valdés (19, SS-A) - minor league contract

Since Then:
De Jesús had a solid '09 season with Manchester. The former All-Star batted .277 with 21 homers and 60 RBIs in 121 games after being traded in May. He grades out as an above average productive hitter. Although no longer putting up All-Star numbers, De Jesús still is capable of putting up productive numbers.

Valdés had a subpar '09 season with Charleston's SS-A affiliate. Overall, he is an average ballplayer who most likely will be unable to stick at the big league level. More offensive production is needed from the traditional power position of 1B.