November 29, 2008

Charleston Statesmen and Tempe Knights

May 24th, 2009

Charleston receives:
CL Christos Douglass (33, ML) - $4.5
LF Víctor Martínez (19, ML) - $2.7/$0.60/$0.60/$0.60/arbitration
2B Jorge Rivera (22, ML) - $0.57/$0.39

Tempe receives:
MR Steve Wallace (28, ML) - $2.0/$2.8
3B Jeremy Lawrence (31, ML) - $2.5/$3.0
CF Mark Young (32, ML) - $1.0/$1.0/$1.0/$1.0/$1.0
MR Grant Mullen (30, AAA) - $2.2/$2.8
CF David LaFrance (21, AAA) - minor league contract
SS Silas Boone (23, AAA) - minor league contract
Charleston's 2nd round 2009 draft pick (3B Ty Newell- 14th pick)

Since Then:
Douglass had a superb '09 season while serving as Charleston's setup man. He went 4-2 with a 2.19 ERA in 43 relief appearances with Charleston. Sporting a 0.87 WHIP in '09, Douglass is one of the league's premiere setup men.
Martínez played decently in '09. Serving primarily as a DH, he batted .244 with 9 homeruns and 47 RBIs with Charleston in '09. A youngster, Martínez still has room to grow into a productive run producer. He has good power but needs to work on his contact and discipline.
Rivera batted .242 with 10 homers and 46 RBIs in 104 games with Charleston. A superb utility infielder, Rivera is an ideal bench role player that any team would want.

Wallace went 0-2 with a 3.69 ERA in 17 relief appearances with Tempe in '09. He was released prior to the end of the seaosn (9/01/09). Despite lacking big league caliber stuff and velocity, Wallace has proven in the past to be a serviceable reliever.
Lawrence had a solid season with Tempe in '09. In 79 games, he batted .287 with 4 homeruns and 37 RBIs. A versatile infielder, Lawrence is a solid option as a starter and an even option as a utility bench role player.
Young batted .252 with 23 RBIs in 103 games with Tempe in '09. His ability to play all 3 outfield positions make him an ideal 4th outfielder. He does not possess the offensive punch to be a full-time starter.
Mullen appeared in 21 games with Tempe before being released (9/01/09). Prior to his release, he went 2-3 with a 7.03 ERA. He lacks the velocity and stuff to become a truly effective reliever. At best, Mullen is a secondary reliever.
LaFrance batted .227 with 6 homeruns and 35 RBIs in 108 games with Tempe in '09. He was named the #55 prospect in baseball (4/06/09). His strengths include speed and raw power. He will need to work on his contact and discipline in order to progress into a starting caliber outfielder.
Boone was traded to San Antonio on the same day (5/24/09). He has the talent to become a big league utility bench player at the very least. He combines solid defensive skills with good speed and a serviceable bat. These traits make him capable of becoming a starting infielder one day.
Newell had a subpar '09 season down at Tempe's SS-A and Class-A affiliates. Drafted out of high school, Newell possesses good upside. He projects to have plus skills in hitting and gap power. Conservatively, he projects to be a utlity infielder but has the skills to be a big league starting infielder one day if he matures.

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