June 18, 2008

Gloucester Fishermen and San Antonio Calzones of Laredo

June 1st, 2008

Gloucester receives:
RF Eric Olsen (22, AA) - minor league contract
1B J.J. Johnson (22, A) - minor league contract
San Antonio's 2nd round 2008 draft pick via New Jersey (C Michael Hendricks - 24th pick)
San Antonio's 3rd round 2008 draft pick via Tempe (SS Santiago Aragón - 1st pick)
San Antonio's 3rd round 2008 draft pick via Palm Springs (SP Víctor Cruz - 19th pick)
San Antonio's 5th round 2008 draft pick (SP Matt Hancock - 17th pick)

San Antonio receives:
1B Octávio Pexego (25, ML) - $3.3/arbitration

Since Then:
Olsen ranks as the #11 prospectin PEBA according to Baesball America (4/06/09). However, he has yet to fully translate his abilities and tools into results in Gloucester's minor league system. he has put up average results thus far in the '09 season with Gloucester's AAA affiliate.
Johnson has put up great numbers in Gloucester's Class-A and AA affiliates in '08. However, he has struggled mightily putting the same results at AAA. At best, he appears to be a big league bench bat.
Hendricks has posted below average offensive numbers in '08 and '09 for Gloucester's farm system but appears to have great defensive tools as a catcher. He projects to one day be a big league backup catcher and possibly a starter.
Aragón has struggled offensively in '08 and '09 for Gloucester's lower lever minor league affiliates. With development, he projects to be a serviceable infielder with big league starting potential. He has a decent bat along with solid defensive infield abilities.
Cruz has pitched well for Gloucester's SS-A affiliate in '08 and '09. If he develops properly, he projects to be a mid to backend rotation starting pitcher in the big leagues.
Hancock has progressed steadily for Gloucester. As of '09, he pitches for Gloucester's Class-A affiliate. He has a chance to develop into a backend starter.

Pexego had a stellar '08 season for San Antonio. In 111 games, he batted .323 with 21 homeruns and 77 RBIs. He was traded to Tempe in the offseason. As of '09, Pexego is currently one of the league's most feared and productive hitters.

Commentary: San Antonio responds to the trade.

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