October 3, 2008

San Antonio Calzones of Laredo and Manchester Maulers

December 15th, 2008

San Antonio receives:
CF Alexandre LaRouche (22, SS-A) - minor league contract

Manchester receives:
3B Michael Kelly (28, ML) - $8.6/$8.6/$8.6

Since Then:
LaRouche spent April and May of '09 on San Antonio's big league roster. However after batting .188 with San Antonio, he was demoted back down to the minors where he spent time at Class-A and AA. He has plus speed and fluid mechanics in the outfield. He possesses raw power but needs to work on his contact skills if he wants to progress at the higher level. Overall, LaRouche appears to be a future bench or platoon bat. Some teams may give him a bigger role though.

Kelly had an All-Star '09 season with Manchester while playing at the hot corner. He batted .283 with 17 homeruns and 84 RBIs. The perennial All-Leather winner only commited 4 errors at 3B and displayed a .991 fielding percentage. A multi-time All-Star, he grades out as one of the league's top third baseman.

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