February 6, 2010

Tempe Knights and New Jersey Hitmen

July 31st, 2011

New Jersey receives:
2B Terry Thorton (25, AAA) - $0.40/$0.40/$0.40/arbitration/arbitration/arbitration
SP Adrian Robinson (19. A) - minor league contract
Tempe's 5th round 2012 draft pick(traded to Reno in Ed Joyce deal)
Tempe's 9th round 2012 draft pick via New Orleans (MR Clyde Hatch - 7th pick)

Tempe receives:
LF Cal Edwards (31, ML) - $9.0
CL Ben Truscott (25, AAA) - $1.9/arbitration/arbitration
2B Dan Lynch (23, A) - minor league contract

Since Then:

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