November 26, 2007

New Jersey Gothic Knights and West Virginia Coal Sox

January 3rd, 2007

West Virginia receives:
2B Tom Kirkland (25, ML) - $3.6/arbitration
SP Rocky Reed (26, ML) - $3.9

New Jersey receives:
1B Rubén Cruz (24, ML) - $4.4
West Virginia's 3rd round 2007 draft pick (SP Barney Sharp - 4th pick)

Since Then:
Cruz won the IL Royal Raker Award and PEBA Championship in 2007. He has been voted an All-start three times so far in his career. As one of the league's best hitter, he went on to sign a 6-year extension worth $73 million with New Jersey. He is still a productive hitter, now with the Duluth Warriors, and has a career triple-slash of .305/.391/.500 over 9 seasons.

Barney Sharp was drafted in the 3rd Round by New Jersey via West Virgina and spent time in the Calzone's organization before being traded again to Tempe where he earned his first major league call-up. He was a very important member of the Knight's rotation for four seasons and won the 2012 Planetary Extreme Baseball Alliance Planetary Extreme Championship with the Tempe Knights. Since then he has spent time with the Manchester Maulers and currently a Connecticut Nutmegger.

- Total WAR for NJ: 24.8

Kirkland signed a 4-year extension worth $20 million. He was voted to the All-star Team in 2009 and retired before the 2013 season. He remained a productive player until the end of his career, but was unable to find work after the 2011 season. The majority of his five year career was with West Virginia

Reed signed a 4-year extension worth $27.7 million. He remained a solid pitcher through the 2011 season, but then served as a back-end starter for the remainder of his PEBA career. After playing overseas in 2015, Rocky called it a career and retired with 72 career wins. His best years were with West Virginia and New Orleans.

- Total WAR for WV: 20.7

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