November 28, 2007

San Antonio Calzones of Laredo and West Virginia Coal Sox

January 3rd, 2007

West Virginia receives:
C Rex Groves (26, ML) - $4.7

San Antonio receives:
MR José 'Spanky' Ortíz (23, ML) - $0.38/$1.4/arbitration
1B Jon Hays (25, ML) - $0.38/$0.38/$0.38/arbitration/arbitration/arbitration

Since Then:
Ortíz was traded to Crystal Lake for C Chad Hall and a 2009 8th round draft pick (7/31/08). Ortíz is one of the league's better setup man.
Hays was traded to Florida with SP Chet Parker for C Víctor Salgardo, and CF Dong-ju Yo. Hays currently plays in Florida's minor league system.

Rex Groves has bounced around playing for Crystal Lake and London serving as a backup catcher.

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