February 19, 2008

West Virginia Coal Sox and New Orleans Trendsetters

July 24th, 2007

New Orleans receives:
SP Jorge Sánchez (30, ML) - $1.4/$1.4

West Virginia receives:
New Orleans 2nd round 2008 draft pick (3B Larry Martin - 22nd pick)

Since Then:
Martin has performed well down at West Virginia's Class-A affiliate and has good potential to become a starting 3B one day if he puts it altogether.

Sánchez went 4-5 with a 4.06 ERA with New Orleans in '07. He was traded to Kentucky during the offseason (1/01/08) and subsequently later traded to Omaha (3/17/09). He remains a servicable back end rotation starter.

Commentary: Wonder how long it'll take Sánchez to demand his way out of New Orleans? This guy is one big prima donna. - PEBA Commisioner John

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