February 13, 2008

West Virginia Coal Sox and Omaha Cyclones

July 8th, 2007

West Virginia receives:
1B Jack Price (28, ML) - $1.4/$1.4
SP Flobert Hoeks (25, ML) - $0.38/$0.38/$0.38/arbitration/arbitration/arbitration

Omaha receives:
C Ching-hsia Chin (22, ML) - $0.38/$0.38/$0.38/arbitration/arbitration/arbitration

Since Then:
Price played poorly in his limited opportunites and was traded to Bakersfield (10/27/07). Since then, he has moved to Canton and Gloucester.
Hoeks pitched adequately for West Virginia before being traded to San Antonio (7/14/08).

Chin played terribly for Omaha batting a meager .174. He was traded to Aurora (10/27/07) who subsequently traded him back to West Virginia (12/18/08).

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