May 2, 2008

Charleston Statesmen and West Virginia Coal Sox

December 12th, 2007

Charleston receives:
SP Anthony Cox (30, ML) - $3.1
MR Cade Phillips (25, ML) - $2.6/$2.6
1B Yong-zhan Hu (20, AA) - minor league contract
SP Bud McCullough (18, A) - minor league contract

West Virginia receives:
SP Ralph Dean (29, ML) - $7.8/$8.6
MR Shigeaki Otani (24, ML) - $0.93/$1.2
3B Alard van der Kooij (18, A) - minor league contract
Charleston 4th round 2008 draft pick (RF - Jim Fisher - 18th pick)

Since Then:
Cox went 12-10 with a 4.14 ERA in 30 starts with Charleston in '08. He left Charleston after the '08 season via free agency and signed a 3-year deal worth $11,400,000 with London. He grades out as a middle rotation pitcher.
Phillips had a solid season with Charleston in '08. In 50 relief appearances, he went 5-1 with a 2.70 ERA. He remains with Charleston in '09 and has served as a versatile member of their bullpen.
Hu ranks as the #2 prospect in PEBA according to Baseball America (4/06/09). After dominating at Charleston's AA and AAA affiliates in '08, Hu has continued his offensive prowessness with Charleston's big ball club in '09. He is the favorite to win the '09 IL Wunderkind Award.
McCullough has pitched well at Charleston's SS-A and Class-A in '08 and '09. He was selected to the North American Farm Team Affiliation All-Star Game in '09. Despite his success, he projects to be a fringe player at the big league level. His lack of velocity, control and overall stuff will make it tough for him to translate his success to the big league level.

Dean went 9-10 with a 3.24 ERA with West Virginia in '08. He was traded to Reno in the offseason (12/18/08). As of '09, Dean has had a bad season compared to his previous solid seasons of '07 and '08. He is considered backend rotation starter.
Otani went 8-5 with a 4.75 ERA with West Virginia in '08. He was traded to San Antonio in the offseason (12/17/08) who subsequently traded him to Canton a day later (12/18/08). Overall, he rates as a mediocre middle reliever.
van der Kooij has played well at every minor league level with West Virginia and currently is at their AAA affiliate as of '09. Historically showing a good contact bat, van der Kooij has the potential to become an everyday third baseman. At the very least, he will become a bench or platoon player.
Fisher played well at West Virginia's SS-A affiliate in '08 but has struggled in Class-A in '09. According to Baseball America, he ranks as the #65 prospect in PEBA (4/06/09). Fisher has above average skills across the board offensively and defensively. He has the potential to one day become a solid starting outfielder.

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