May 1, 2008

West Virginia Coal Sox and Duluth Warriors

December 11th, 2007

West Virginia receives:
CF Gian-Carlo Avellino (32, AAA) - minor league contract

Duluth receives:
1B Matthew Allison (25, AAA) - minor league contract

Since Then:
Avellino spent most of '08 down at West Virginia's AAA affiliate. He appeared in 37 games with the big ball club where he played horribly including a .167 batting average. He was released right after the season (10/2/08). He retired after the '08 season.

Allison spent the whole '08 season at Duluth's SS-A affiliate. As of '09, he plays for Duluth's AA affiliate. He projects to be nothing more than a minor career leaguer.

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