July 14, 2008

Arlington Bureaucrats and Bakersfield Bears

July 31st, 2008

Arlington receives:
C Harvey Nuesink (28, ML) - $0.38
Bakersfield's 3rd round 2009 draft pick (1B Ed Shaffer - 22nd pick)
Bakersfield's 5th round 2009 draft pick (LF Jack Jackson - 22nd pick)

Bakersfield receives:
SS Francis Hampton (28, ML) - $0.38/$0.58/$0.58
C Gabriel Camacho (22, AAA) - minor league contract

Since Then:
Nuesink played poorly at Arlington's AA affiliate. He was released in the offseason (10/24/08). He projects to be a career minor league catcher.
Shaffer has struggled in his first SS-A minor league season. A good defensive 1B, he rates as average on offense. He projects to be a borderline big league player.
Jackson has played well in '09 in Arlington's farm system. He has a chance to develop into a big league player one day but his talent ceiling appears to be average.

Hampton batted .255 while providing solid defense in a utility role for Bakersfield in '08. As of '09, he remains a steady serviceable utility infielder for Bakersfield.
Camacho hit .261 and provided steady defense in 45 games in '08 with Bakersfield. Named the #46 prospect as of 4/06/09, Camacho has improved in the '09 season. An all-around catcher, he has grown to provide an above average bat along with good defense behind home plate.

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