July 6, 2008

San Antonio Calzones of Laredo and Connecticut Nutmeggers

July 14th, 2008

San Antonio receives:
LF Roberto Rodríguez (29, ML) - $14.0/$16.0/$16.0/$17.0/$18.0
SS Charles Randall (29, ML) - $0.54/$0.64

Connecticut receives:
2B Miguel Angel Hernández (29, ML) - $4.4/$4.4
2B Kunimichi Kato (36, ML) - $2.7/$2.7
MR Jacob Dotson (29, ML) - $2.2/$2.2
LF Lorenzo Ramírez (37, ML) - $4.4
San Antonio's 1st round 2009 draft pick (LF Oliver Douglas - 13th pick)
San Antonio's 2nd round 2009 draft pick (C Dalton Scott - 13th pick)
San Antonio's 3rd round 2009 draft pick (3B Ronald Lowry - 13th pick)
San Antonio's 4th round 2009 draft pick (SP Ánibal Moreno - 13th pick)

Since Then:
Rodríguez had an All-Star caliber second half of the '08 season with San Antonio. He batted .318 while banging out 9 homers and driving in 43 RBIs. He was traded to New Orleans in the offseason (11/10/08). Although owning a hefty contract, Rodríguez remains one of the league's best offensive leftfielders in the game in '09.
Randall played poorly in 43 games with San Antonio after the trade. He batted a miniscule .145 average with 3 RBIs. He was traded to Tempe in the Pexego deal in the offseason (11/02/08).

Hernández missed a majority of the second half of the '08 season with a fractured foot (7/27/08). He played extremely well in the '09 season but once again injuries have shortened another year. He batted .304 with 4 homers and 30 RBIs prior to tearing his anterior cruciate ligament (8/16/09). For his career, Hernández is an above average hitter with excellent defensive skills and versatility when healthy.
Kato batted .309 with 2 homeruns and 8 RBIs in 44 games with Connecticut in '08. The rejuvenated aging Japanese infielder remains with Connecticut in '09 where he has had a solid season.
Dotson pitched poorly for Connecticut in '08. He went 3-4 with a 7.26 ERA in 22 relief appearances. He has pitched better in '09 and grades out as a decent middle reliever.
Ramírez batted .306 with 4 RBIs in 41 games with Connecticut. He retired in the offseason.
Douglas, who had a stellar college career with Southern Miss, has carried his success in his first season in the minors in '09. He projects to be a future big league regular who can swing the bat for a high average along with power.
Dalton was released by Connecticut prior to his first full year in the minor leagues (7/19/09). He has since signed a 1-year minor league deal with Lupin of the League of the Rising Sun (7/20/09).
Lowry has played well in '09 in his first professional minor league season at SS-A. An infielder with above average defensive skills, he has shown an average bat but possesses plus power potential. He projects to be a future starter with possible star power.
Moreno has pitched well at Connecticut's SS-A affiliate in '09. Although too early to tell, he has potential to be a big league starter one day. He won't be a star but could one day provide serviceable pitching at the end of the rotation.

Commentary: San Antonio responds to the trade.

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