January 9, 2009

San Antonio Calzones of Laredo and Florida Featherheads

July 5th, 2009

San Antonio receives:
SP Armando Pérez (23, AAA) - minor league contract
2B Pablo Salmarán (22, SS-A) - minor league contract
Florida's 3rd round 2010 draft pick (MR Artie Gillespie - 13th pick)

Florida receives:
SP Bill Taylor (25, ML) - $0.39/$0.93/$0.93/arbitration

Since Then:
Pérez continued his strong 2009 minor league pitching with San Antonio's AAA affiliate. He struggled in 2 September callup starts with San Antonio. Possessing big league caliber stuff and plus velocity, Pérez has an assortment of pitches that he can throw at any time. He has a chance to develop into a solid big league starter if he can improve on his control.
Salmarán played decently at San Antonio's Class-A affiliate after the trade. An average defensive infielder, Salmarán will have to rely on his bat in order to make it in the big leagues. He appears to be a future big league bench bat if he continues to develop his bat.

Taylor pitched decently but inconsistently after the trade. He went 6-6 with a 4.57 ERA for Florida in second-half of '09. Overall, he has both shown flashes of brilliance and uninspired performances. He grades out as a decent middle to back-end rotation starter.

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