January 10, 2009

San Antonio Calzones of Laredo and Charleston Statesmen

July 12th, 2009

San Antonio receives:
MR Rodney McLeod (31, ML) - $0.63/$1.3
RF Scott Moss (21, AAA) - minor league contract
SP Rafael Rosa (18, A) - minor league contract
SS Dan Howard (22, SS-A) - minor league contract
Charleston's 4th round 2009 draft pick via Manchester (traded to Tempe in Octávio Pexego deal - 18th pick)

Charleston receives:
MR Bobby Wright (24, ML) - $0.39/$3.8/$3.8/$3.8

Since Then:
McLeod pitched extremely well in '09 with San Antonio after the trade. In 29 relief appearances (36.2 IP), he went 0-3 with a 2.21 ERA and 1.01 WHIP. He possesses good stuff and an excellent fastball. However, his lack of movement and mediocre control on his pitches make him an inconsistent pitcher.
Moss continued his strong 2009 play at San Antonio's AAA affiliate after the trade. Defensively, Moss is a solid corner outfielder. Offensively, he has shown good skills with the bat. He appears to be a future platoon outfielder and possibly a serviceable full-time starter.
Rosa pitched decently for San Antonio's Class-A affiliate in 2009. His excellent movement on his pitches compensate for his average velocity and below average contract. He projects possibly as a number 5 starter in the big leagues if he can improve his control.
Howard had a solid Class-A season in 2009. Possessing above average defensive and bat skills, Howard appears to be a future big league infielder. He has a real good opportunity to be starter worthy if he continues to mature both offensivelt and defensively.

Wright pitched superb for Charleston in '09 after the trade. In 32 relief appearances (32.2 IP) with San Antonio, he went 3-1 with a 2.52 ERA . He also compiled 8 saves with Charleston while sporting a 1.19 WHIP. A 2009 All-Star, Wright has established himself as one of the league's best late inning relievers. A complete pitcher, Wright possesses excellent control and a wonderful pitching mind that can dissect opposing batters. He changes speed well and keeps the ball consistently low. Any team would love to have a reliever of Wright's caliber pitching at the end of game.

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