March 10, 2008

Arlington Bureaucrats and Crystal Lake Sandgnates

September 10th, 2007

Crystal Lake receives:
RF Antonio Alfaro (31, ML) - $2.2/$2.9/$2.6/$2.3

Arlington receives:
MR Jimmy Allen (20, AAA) - minor league contract
3B Jose Herrera (19, AA) - minor league contract

Since Then:
Allen made Arlington's big ball club during the '09 season as a converted Starter and has pitched decently thus far in his young career.
Herrera has been promoted to Arlington's AAA affiliate as of the '09 season. He appears to be a servicable 3B in the big leagues soon.

Alfaro batted .295 and 5 RBIs in 14 games with Crystal Lake in September '08. Coming into the '09 season, he has flourished in a platoon role versus righties with Crystal Lake.

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