March 31, 2008

West Virginia Coal Sox and Gloucester Fishermen

October 13th, 2007

Gloucester receives:
CF Kenny Parker (28, ML) - $3.7

West Virginia receives:
CL Travis Reynolds (33, ML) -$0.75

Since then:
Reynolds never played for West Virginia as he was traded to Canton 2 months later (12/01/07). The package deal with Canton landed Mr. George Riley to West Virginia. Reynolds is out of baseball after stints with Canton, San Antonio, and Ciudad Acuña Mariachis of the Alianza Béisbol Al Sur de la Frontera League.

Parker batted .254 with 10 homers, 50 RBIs, and 68 runs scored in 112 games with Gloucester in the '08 season. In the '08 offseason, he became a free agent and signed a 5-year deal with New Jersey worth $23,375,000.

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