March 30, 2008

San Antonio Calzones of Laredo and Tempe Knights

October 13th, 2007

Tempe receives:
SP Bill Taylor (23, ML) - $0.38/arbitration/arbitration/arbitration
RF Shunso Kichida (22, ML) - $0.38/arbitration/arbitration/arbitration
CF Manny Lara (22, ML) - $0.38/$0.38/arbitration/arbitration/arbitration
SP António García (21, A) - minor league contract
MR Rafael Pérez (23, ML) - $0.38/arbitration/arbitration/arbitration
C Richard Carney (25, ML) - $0.38/$0.38/arbitration/arbitration/arbitration

San Antonio receives:
1B P.J. Thomas (ML, 20) - $3.9/$3.9/$3.9
RF Víctor Martínez (ML, 18) - $2.7/$2.7/arbitration/arbitration/arbitration

Since Then:
Thomas was traded to Crystal Lake two months later (12/11/07). As of '09, he remains a productive and consistent .300 hitter.
Martínez struggled 56 games with San Antonio hitting only .218. He was traded back to Tempe mid-season (6/28/08). As of '09, he has since been traded to Charleston (5/24/09). He is developing into respectable bench player.

Taylor went 5-11 with a 4.60 ERA in 28 games started for Tempe in '08. He was traded back to San Antonio in the offseason (12/18/08).
Kichida batted .266 with 42 RBIs in 100 games with Tempe. He was traded at the trading deadline to Crystal Lake (7/31/08). A decent player, he has struggled to earn his keep in the big leagues.
Lara played 65 games for Tempe in the '08 season hitting .250 with 34 RBIs. He was traded back to San Antonio mid-season (6/28/08) where he was traded to Manchester weeks later (7/14/08). In his career, he has been inconsistent with his bat but provides good defense at all 3 outfield positions.
Pérez was traded back to San Antonio (6/01/08). A year later San Antonio traded him back to Tempe (7/05/09). A little inconsistent with his pitching, Pérez has grown into a solid contributor in the bullpen.
García spent most of the '08 season in Tempe's farm system. As of '09, he remains with Tempe where he is developing into medicore pitcher.
Carney batted .238 with 35 RBIs with Tempe in the '08 season. As of '09, he remains with Tempe and is widely regarded as one the league's best defensive catchers in the game.

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