March 31, 2008

Connecticut Nutmeggers and Gloucester Fishermen

October 13th, 2007

Gloucester receives:
SP Kevin Howell (28, ML) - $0.725
MR Dwight White (29, AAA) - minor league contract

Connecticut receives:
RF Ken Brooks (28, AAA) - minor league contract
SP John Bell (23, AA) - minor league contract
Gloucester's 7th round 2008 draft pick (SP Leonard Martin - 9th pick)

Since Then:
Brooks struggled with a .226 batting average in 139 games with Connecticut in '08. He has continued to struggled as a bench player in '09.
Bell appears destined to be a minor league pitcher for Connecticut.
Martin has pitched well for Connecticut's SS-A affiliate but appears to be a career minor leaguer.

Howell went 13-3 with 5 saves and a 3.59 ERA in 70 games with Gloucester in the '08 season. He has been a solid 5th starter for Gloucester in '09.
White pitched well for Gloucester's AAA affiliate in '08 and has since been promoted to the bullpen in the '09 season where he has performed decently.

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