April 10, 2008

Manchester Maulers and Bakersfield Bears

October 27th, 2007

Bakersfield receives:
RF Jude Pew (25, ML) - $8.0

Mancehester receives:
LF Mauro Martínez (25, AAA) - minor league contract
2B Mitch 'Snake Eyes' White (23, AAA) - minor league contract
SP Ed Mosley (25, AAA) - minor league contract

Since Then:
Martínez batted a dismal .208 with 36 RBIs in 127 games with Manchester in '08. In '09, he has been demoted to Manchester's AAA affiliate where he is having a decent season.
White played a majority of his games at Manchester's AAA affiliate in '08. During his callup of 44 games with Manchester, he hitted .200. He is having an excellent '09 season with Manchester's AAA affiliate but projects to be an average infielder in the big leagues.
Mosley splitted time between Manchester and their AAA affiliate in '08. He 1-7 with a 7.90 ERA in 9 games started for Manchester. He was let go in the offseason.

Pew immediately paid dividends for Bakersfield. He won the IL Royal Raker award in '08 with a .333 batting average, 45 homers, 152 RBIs, and 112 runs scored in 161. Pew is scheduled to miss 8 months due to a dislocated shoulder in '09 (7/09/09). He, however, remains one of the league's brightest stars for years to come.

Commentary: Our first blockbluster of the off-season! Kudos to Manchester; any real-life small-market GM will tell you how emotionally tough it is to part with an expensive star. You don't do it because you want to; you do it because you have to. But, if done right, these kinds of deals can work out. Here the Maulers stock up with 3 nice prospects. And Bakersfield gets a highly gifted outfielder to add to their mix of stars, showing that they're not quite ready to tear down just yet. Nice to see the strategies forming already! - Commissioner John

Almost 2 years later and all I can say is call the police because boy, you got robbed! - Nelly

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