April 10, 2008

Manchester Maulers and San Antonio Calzones of Laredo

October 27th, 2007

San Antonio receives:
SP Kirby Gibson (34, ML) - $12.4/$13.2/$14.1

Manchester receives:
SS Ernest Mathis (24, ML) - $0.38/arbitration/arbitration
SP Jesús González (26, ML) - $3.2/$3.2/$3.2

Since Then:
Mathis was traded to Bakersfield by midseason (6/01/08). He has been strictly a defensive player in his career playing for San Antonio, Manchester, Bakersfield, and Omaha since the '09 season.
González went 13-7 with a 3.06 ERA in 31 games for Manchester in '08. He was traded to New Jersey in the offseason (11/06/08).

Gibson delivered an All-Star '08 season with a 19-7 record and 3.12 ERA in 34 games for San Antonio. He was traded in the offseason to Duluth (12/19/08).

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