April 30, 2008

San Antonio Calzones of Laredo and Kentucky Thoroughbreds

December 9th, 2007

San Antonio receives:
2B Naizen Nakayama (30, ML) - $1.9/$1.9/$1.9
SP Gary Fisher (28, ML) - $2.2/$2.2
LF Daron Little (37, ML) - $2.3
SP Sixto Núñez (17, AA) - minor league contract

Kentucky receives:
SS Iván Cardenas (28, AAA) - $0.38
CL José Álvarez (20, AA) - minor league contract
SS Darby Parker (21, A) - minor league contract
SP Cristián García (18, A) - minor league contract

Since Then:
Nakayama was traded 4 days later to New Jersey (12/13/07). He had an average '08 season at New Jersey's AAA affiliate and was traded in the '08 offseason to Manchester (11/06/08). Overall, Nakayama is an average serviceable infielder.
Fisher went 4-4 with a 4.04 ERA in 18 games with San Antonio in '08 before being traded to Manchester (7/14/08). A journeyman pitcher, Fisher is a bottom rotation starter or mop-up reliever at best.
Little was traded to New Orleans prior to the '08 season (2/11/08). He retired after the '08 season after delievering a .252/.311/.409 season. For his career, he was an average player.
Núñez played at San Antonio's Class-A and AA affiliates in '08. As of '09, he has steadily progressed to AAA and projects to have borderline big league talent. Lacking stuff, movement and velocity, Núñez has to rely on pinpoint control to be successful in the big leagues.

Cardenas had a below average '08 season with Kentucky. In 121 games, he batted .227 with 27 RBIs. A below average talent, he has prolonged his career by playing in winter leagues in San Juan and Liga Dominicana de Béisbol Invernal.
Álvarez has had excellent '08 and '09 seasons down at Kentucky's AA affiliate. It is questionable if he can translate his minor league success at the big league. He grades out as a pitcher with limited talent and low ceiling who may be better suited down at the minor league level.
Parker has played well for Kentucky at Class-A and AA in '08 and '09. It is projected that he has already hit his peak and is best suited as a career minor leaguer.
García has had solid seasons at Kentucky's SS-A and Class-A affiliate in '08 and '09. Projected to be an average talent, García has a shot to become a big league bottom of the rotation starter or long reliever.

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