September 19, 2008

Crystal Lake Sandgnats and Palm Springs Codgers

November 22, 2008

Palm Springs receives:
Héctor Castillo (26, ML) - $10.0

Crystal Lake receives:
Palm Springs' 3rd round draft pick 2009 (3B Ailen Hewitt - 18th pick)

Since Then:
Castillo is posting the best numbers of his career in 2009.

Hewitt has been average in the minors.

Commentary: A unique trade in PEBA history, Castillo was actually a pending free agent. As a result of a glitch in OOTP7/8's contract engine, Castillo signed a long-term contract at a dirt-cheap rate during the 2008 season. His contract was edited down to one year, with the stipulation that if he was traded he would receive a one-year, $10 million contract. Well, he was traded, and Palm Springs was the lucky recipient. It looks like it will be a win-win deal. - Coal Sox

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