September 8, 2008

Tempe Knights and San Antonio Calzones of Laredo

November 2, 2008

Tempe Receives:
Octávio Pexego (25, ML) - $7.7/arbitration
SS Charles Randall (30, ML) - $0.6
SP Jeff Fish (22, AA) - minor league contract
MR Ichiyo Sekiguchi (25, AA) - minor league contract
SS Chet Davis (24, AA) - minor league contract

San Antonio receives:
3B Will George (19, AAA) - minor league contract
C Brock Brett (23, AA) - minor league contract
Miguel Angel González (20, A) - minor league contract
Tempe's 1st round 2009 draft pick
Tempe's 4th round 2009 draft pick

Since Then:
Octávio Pexego has continued his dominating ways for Tempe.
Charles Randall has performed well in a utility role.
Jeff Fish has struggled at AA.
Ichiyo Sekiguchi has played well at A.
Chet Davis has struggled at A.

Will George has yet to play in 2009.
Brock Brett has been terrible as San Antonio's starting catcher in 2009.
Miguel Angel González has played well at multiple levels.
Tempe's 1st round draft pick 2009 (no selection yet)
Tempe's 4th round draft pick 2009 (no selection yet)

Intent: Tempe made the trade with the intent of becoming a playoff contender in 2009.

San Antonio made no statement about the trade.

Commentary: Talk about a blockbuster. Superstar Octavio Pexago changes hands for the second time in his career and instantly becomes the best player on the Knights. The cost was Will George, the 17th overall pick in the 2007 draft, plus two high-level draft picks in 2009. Since Pexago is only under Tempe's control for two seasons, the Knights do not have a realistic chance of contending in that timeframe, and he's expensive to boot, this deal looks like highway robbery for San Antonio. - Coal Sox

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