September 12, 2008

New Orleans Trendsetters and San Antonio Calzones of Laredo

November 10th, 2008

New Orleans receives:
SP Alberto Semblano (30, ML) - $9.9/$9.9/$9.9
LF Roberto Rodríguez (30, ML) - $16.0/$16.0/$17.0/$18.0

San Antonio receives:
RF Cooper Scott (33, ML) $1.5
SP Chris Nicholson (30, ML) - $9.3
SP Alfredo Pinto (34, ML) - $3.9/$3.9 (mutual option)

Since Then:
Semblano had a magnificent '09 season with New Orleans. In 31 starts, he went 18-8 with a 3.03 ERA. A number 4 starter in New Orleans' rotation, Semblano is a number 2 or number 3 starter on most other pitching staffs. Lacking electric stuff and velocity, Semblano relies on his pinpoint control to carve up opposing batters.
Rodríguez, an '09 All-Star, batted .310 with 28 homeruns. He has drove in 81 RBIs while scoring 122 runs on the season with New Orleans. Overall, Rodríguez is a dangerous hitter worthy of hitting in the 3-hole or cleanup spots any big league team.

Scott was released shortly in the '09 season (4/26/09). He signed a 1-year deal worth $1,500,000 with Kentucky a few weeks later (5/11/09). He grades out as a decent offensive platoon outfielder who could play the role of a 4th outfielder on a big league ballclub.
Nicholson had a forgettable '09 season with San Antonio. He went 8-21 with a 4.88 ERA in 34 starts. Despite his poor '09 season, Nicholson is not particularly a terrible pitcher. He rates as a number 4 or number 5 starter.
Pinto was traded to West Virginia a month later (12/17/09). He splitted time between West Virginia and their AAA affiliate in the '09 season. With West Virginia, he struggled with a 3-8 record and 5.97 ERA. The aging pitcher is nothing more than a number starter or mop-up reliever at best. Most teams probably would not have Pinto on their big league roster.

Commentary: I love how you guys aren't at all shy with the blockbusters, and this here is a doozy of one. Another "untradeable" contract moving in Roberto Rodriguez (no relation to Mexican director Robert Rodriguez of El Mariachi fame. New Orleans is getting a couple big guns, while San Antonio is getting payroll relief starting in 2010. Looks like a good move for both sides.

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